Monday, July 27

Update and Jobs List

Hello all, and sorry for the long lag since I last posted here. Work has been very busy, but in between I have got a tiny bit of progress made with the West Highland Line modelling and research.

37424 nears County March Summit on what appears to be an SRPS special, December 1989
(c) Jim Tinnion Collection

I finished the first Mark 1 coach (a Second Open) whilst demonstrating on the DEMU stand at Kidderminster, back in early Spring, and I've made more progress towards finishing a batch of open wagons (including a tube wagon) that I started a couple of years ago. These are now all weighted and have reasonable representations of the brake gear (clasp gear is a b****r to do but looks good, and there are some shortcut).

I've been buying a bit more stock to populate the layout with, most recently a Hornby 25 (to go on a Bachmann chassis) and a returned limited edition 37025 in large logo from Bachmann's stand at the RM Web members' day (saved about 20 quid because one of the buffers wasn't weathered).

Finally, I've been scouring various sources for archive photos of the West Highland: the picture at the top of the post is one I got off eBay.

More to come, hopefully more regularly now things are calmer at work...

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