Tuesday, December 23

Farish Mark 1s and 2s - 2mm FS conversion

The Association shop is out of stock of the 15.2mm axle length 7mm diameter coach wheels which (I think) should be the choice for converting new-style Farish Mark 1s.

So, I have a cunning plan. I have stock of 12 axles worth of 14.8mm axle length wheels which fit the old-style Farish Mark 1 bogies. They're not exactly a B1 but they aren't too far away. And with a little hacking / adaptation of the coupling pocket they nicely steer the new-style Mark 1 close coupling mechanism, which I'm tempted to keep - perhaps with some kind of homemade hook and pin or bar coupling between most of the vehicles and DG's just on the ends of each set. Pics of this conversion to follow.

I wanted a couple of coaches to get running on my test track / other folks layouts quickly though, so I thought I'd do the Farish Mark 2s first.

I browsed through the Association shop product list and ordered some 6mm diameter plain disc wheels on the 15.2mm axles (recommended for Farish in the shop list). Unfortunately the axles are too long. Checking with a micrometer the Farish axles are about 14.0mm. I hadn't realised but apparently Farish are now using a variety of axle lengths in different models. I'm not quite sure where this leaves me other than with 20 axles worth of wheels I can't immediately think of a use for!

Over on RMWeb's 2mm FS section, Chris Higgs has suggested using the 2-022 wheels which are on a 14.2mm axle and Jerry Clifford said he would advise either using the wheels on 15.2 on something else and either getting the Farish wheels turned down or popping some bearings in the Farish bogies so they suit a different axle length. Another option would be to use "standard" 12.25mm axles with brass bearings mounted at a suitable spacing into the bogie frames (Izzy suggested using thin plasticard shims to ensure the spacing is right.

Needs some thought then!

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