Monday, December 1

Resurrecting some 2mm FS Projects

Now that I've tidied the snug /railway room up, I've restarted work on a lowfit and an ex LNER Toad E. These are N gauge kits but receiving 2mm FS wheels and DG couplings for a new project, but they were started in the mid-90s when I was at Manchester MRS and (very loosely) involved with the iconic Chee Tor layout.

Lowfit on Peco chassis. The buffers have been replaced with the old 2mm Association white metal castings (these parts are more robust lost wax brass castings these days). I've filled in the gap in the buffer beams where the coupling would have been and now I've laid in some Squadron Green putty to level out the areas where the DG couplings will be epoxied. Next step will be to file this smooth.

Brake van chassis with new centre section of the headstock in 60 thou x 30 thou styrene. Next step is filler as for the lowfit, then a little work to the body. You can see the roof which has had separate torpedo vent castings added already.

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